Welcome to the internet!

Let me be your guide, friend, graphic designer, web builder. Feel free to get in touch with me internaught 

Your Friend

I love to meet new people and pride myself for being out going and friendly. I am always found chatting to people online or more rarely I will be out side with my friends. If you would like to get in touch please email me!

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Your Graphic Designer

I received a grade C in my higher Graphic Design class. Although not a very high grade I have improved my skills over time and have worked on lots of fun and amazing projects including branding for companies and several Discord servers!

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Your Web Builder

All my web experience is from scratch and self taught. I have a real passion for creating and working on web design and have lent my skills and knowledge to several large scale projects.

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Say what?

hay, feel free to hit me up. I check my emails daily and should be able to get back if your wanting help or just to say hi!

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